Friday, December 14, 2007

Vacation 2008

So I'm starting to think about vacations for next summer. I had several small ones this year including one week in Montana which was awesome. But next year, I really want to splurge and have a super duper vacation.

Here's what's getting me excited at the moment:


I don't know who I would go with yet or if I would try to organize something myself or pick up with a tour or something, but any and all suggestions from the blogosphere is much appreciated.


Mon said...

Hi, Lisa-lady! :)
How about South Africa for a vacation spot??!!!
I promise you, you'll get to splurge! :)))

Dave, Ami, Hadleigh Claire and Annelise said...

We never made it to Croatia, but I Have heard Zagreb is awesome, or course Dubrovink is amazing. If you do hit Croatia, I would suggest a gaunt into Slovenia. Ljubljana was one of my fav cities.

In any case I think a splurge vaca sounds like a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

my cousin moves to dublin with her family TODAY for a year or two...i'm seriously considering flying out there with natalie for a long weekend. then again i might be going crazy...