Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls At The Movies

Chasity, a girl I don't remember, me, Renee

This is a picture of some of the girls that went to opening night of "Sex and the City" movie. It was an interesting night with LOTS of women all dressed up in heels and flirty outfits. Overall a good time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Celebration

For my birthday this past year, I really wanted to go hang out at the National Arboretum. So my friends all met there and we ended up having a scavenger hunt race around the gardens looking for certain plants and stuff. It was a blast! Then we headed to a random Caribbean restaurant for food which was super fun too. All in all, it was a great birthday. Thanks friends!

Christy, Anne, Katie and Jen. They were in one car - I was in another and we raced all over. So much fun!

My team had to take a picture climbing these giant columns. Jeff, Renee, me, and Greg.

A bonsai tree started the year I was born - 1976. Love it!

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Owen, Amber, Katlyn, me, Dennis, Brandt

I went camping with some friends for the weekend and it was amazing. This is our third or fourth year going and its always such a blast. We ended up camping on some property of one of my friends friends :) so although we pitched our tents on the grass, we were right next door to a cottage and on the river where we could fish, sail, kayak and swim. It was pretty awesome and all just an hour from DC!

Here are two pictures of sunset one night. We kayaked over to the other side of the property and the pictures were taken by two friends who walked over. I'll post more later.