Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Weeks Already

Okay - so I have to apologize. I really was hoping to be blogging more, but with no Internet at home yet and not really able to spend oodles of time on the computer at work, I have been remiss in my updates. However, I have been trying to get something quick and dirty up on Facebook so even if you hate Facebook - at least try and read my status :)

Just wanted to give you a heads up on that note. I promise to come back around really soon. Stay faithful dear readers. This road is not forgotten just needing some work - like the roads in Kinshasa :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

One Week in Congo

So I've been in the DRC for one week so far. Well not even quite a week and already I have gotten on a plane and flown to the other side of the country. This week I will be in Goma - right on the border of the DRC and Rwanda. I'm sitting on Lake Kivu at the moment looking across the water to Rwanda. It's a bit surreal. Which is probably the best way to explain my time here so far. I'm still reeling from figuring out the job to the language to the fact that I'm here for two years and need to make friends and everything. So far I've settled in to my apartment which is so spacious. I feel really blessed to be there. And the people I've met so far have been really nice. I'm hoping to make some good friend connections though and find a spiritual community. I think, no I know, that will keep me sane. So here are some observations thus far - in no particular order and no particular importance.

It's going to take work to get out from behind the USG persona, but I think its doable.

I have found spinach in little frozen portions in a giant bag (like frozen chicken breasts) which makes me so happy. Thus far my favorite food item. Not only do I love spinach but the little portions are so much handier than making one large frozen box of the veggies.

The clock light on my stove will blink continuously for the next two years because the power goes out often and the generator kicks in. There's no point in setting the clock because everyday it will end up blinking and wrong. Which of course means I'm incredibly greatful for the fact that I will always have power no matter what.

Is is expensive here but that can also be relative. Store brand grocery items are about the price of good brand items in the States. And name brand are outrageous - a box of corn flakes $20 or thereabouts. But eating out seems to be about what it costs in DC - which is expensive in the U.S. but I'm a bit used to it. However, things like pizza that was delivered is $20 for a medium. It's good pizza though and will be well worth the price when I get a craving.

Haven't really gotten sick so far - had one day that was a bit crazy but thank goodness for meds.

I will love any and all packages sent my way.

I've watched a lot of movies already on my computer.

It's definately hot here so here's hoping the pool at my building will be fixed soon. So far going on six months with no water.

Really praying and hoping to find a christian community if it doesn't happen through the church then the community at large. I can feel how incredibly important that's going to be for me.

I have had so many moments where I feel like I'm living a movie or a book about this kind of life, this part of the world, etc. It really is a surreal experience always.

That's it for now.