Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Things

I am eating the new Portuguese Kale soup from Au Bon Pain and it is delicious. I highly recommend it. I even sent an email to Au Bon Pain letting them know how yummy this new soup is and how many of their soups are great for people in Weight Watchers.

In that same vein of active consumer, I also sent an email to one of my local NPR stations telling them that they have lost at least one listener on Sunday mornings since they moved their Stained Glass Bluegrass show from the regular station to HD radio stations. I don't have an HD radio and don't plan on getting one, so no more awesome Sunday morning music on my way to church. I'm bummed. I also included my age in the email so they know that I'm not a 72 year old lady on a Sunday drive but a member of their key constituency.

This weekend I realized for the millionth time that I have qualities that I'm sure are annoying to others. In fact, these qualities/habits are annoying to me, but I can't seem to figure out how to quit doing them. Like Paul said "I do the things I ought not to do and don't do the things I ought to do" (paraphrase by Lisa Overman). It's frustrating and I'm hopeful and grateful that I have forgiving and ever loving friends.

Chivalry is alive and kicking as evidenced by a friend I spent time with this weekend. I'm so grateful for good mama's and good papa's who instill these wonderful traits in their children. And I'm grateful for children who act on these traits and make others feel special just by doing the small things.

Even though he was just a dog, I still miss Paddington and I'm so thankful that I have friends who are sympathetic to me and were so understanding and caring when it came to that loveable crankpot. That makes me feel good.

Although it seems that I'm a pretty open and honest person, I keep a bajillion things to myself and especially am not prone to sharing heartfelt things in a larger group ie more than three. I was vulnerable in a group of 10 this weekend and am hoping that it wasn't too much or too crazy. I'm grateful that many of them are my friends and know me and love me anyway. Yeah for Christian friends!

I love this soup :)

When my dad mentioned my single status again I got mad and told him "what am I supposed to do? Walk into a store and buy one?" (meaning a husband). I thought it was a pretty smart comeback. I'm sooooo grateful for other incredible 30 something single women living in this city that totally understand and feel the same way that I do - that I do want a family, I do want a partner in crime, in love, in life with kids, but that I don't want to be the desperate 30 something woman with a one track mind.

I still want to go in the State Department. It's scary especially if I'm single - but I figure if I get the chance, I should take advantage of the opportunity.

Love to you all. My dear friends both known and unknown. You are special, you are God's creation, you were created to know God and to make Him known. If you don't know that or don't believe that, let me know. It's true and you deserve to know the truth.


Anonymous said...

Loved this entry. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome and you bless me!! We all need lifelong, wonderful, God-fearing friends like you!!

Posted with a prayer for you,

Anonymous said...

Au Bon Pain makes me so mad. Once out of every 3 or 4 visits they charge me too much. This morning I waited for 6 minutes to get back 70 was the principle of it...

NPR. I'm glad you aren't going to listen to them anymore. Liberal crazies. Although I do love bluegrass music, I can't support the forum. Maybe I'll get you a great bluegrass cd for your birfday.

Sure you have annoying qualities. Don't we all? Sheesh--Paul hit it on the head. I actually said that in prayer this weekend--quoting Paul, begging for it to stop. I bet it won't on this side of Heaven, tho. It's what makes love real--loving even thru the crap. In spite of...

I bet it was a good southern boy that was chivalrous. Love good southern boys--and their mama's and papa's. :)

Paddy wasn't just a dog--he was the devil spawn himself. :) I hate to admit how much I wanted that dog to love me--and he did sometimes. Not ususally when he was wearing a t-shirt, tho. He was pretty much hating life those times. ;)

Def. yeah for Christian friends. Feeling ya--and same on the singleness. It's not so bad--and to paraphrase Paul again, it is PREFERRED. **sigh**

You aren't moving anywhere. How many times do I have to tell you this???

All done now...


Consul-At-Arms said...

When are you taking the FS exam again?

Mon said...

I'm turning 35 in a few days, and I'm still single!
Yes, I want a man and a fam, but you know what? I'm not gonna put my life on hold untill he comes! I'm not gonna sit on the fence and watch my life pass me by!!
My life is NOW, and I'm gonna live it to the full! Whatever it has for me! Whatever GOD has for me!'Cause God sure didn't create me for sittn' around waiting for 35 years! I have a purpose! And untill my hunkalishious man comes along, I'll love other people! Children, my family, my friends, people that are in need of love! Just because I don't have a man to love, my love isn't going to waste!
You get my point, Lisa-darling?!
I so wish you would come visit me in South Africa! WE WOULD HAVE A BALL!!! :)))
Love reading your blog! Thanks for being vounerable!
Tons of love, mon