Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Merry Christmas!

For the holidays I'm hanging out in Florida with my dad and stepmom and other assorted friends :). The weather so far has been glorious - rainy but temps in the 70's so I'm not complaining. I came down last thursday and will head back to the big city of DC on January 3rd. Two weeks of chilling out - now that's vacation.

The other night I was heading home from my friends house and driving along a back country Florida road late at night. I saw something in the middle of the road that looked like a big gray cat just sitting smack on the median. As an animal lover, I turned around and went back. Turns out it was a big gray owl that must have landed there and gotten scared. Cars were zooming by in the lanes and it's feathers were being ruffled but it just sat there. I honked my horn but it just moved it's head. I was afraid it was hurt or something so I pulled off to the side of the road to rescue it. An SUV behind me honked its horn at it and they drove up next to me and told me it had flown away. Phew! I was worried. Owls are one of my favorite animals. I think they are so cool but I hardly ever see them. I would love to hold one someday or have it as a friend.

Anyway, Paddington and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. He's enjoying the warm weather here with me as well and we hope that wherever you are, you celebrate the season with friends and family and other loved ones. May you glimpse the face of God this year!

On a side note - I will be in Atlanta for the New Year celebration with some dear old family friends the Mellars! I've known them since I was two (or thereabouts). Should be good times.

Two Weeks Plus One Day

So two weeks plus one day after I was laid off, I received a job offer for another company. I think that must be some kind of record. A huge thank you and shout out and props to my friend who submitted my resume at her place of employment. My job is about the same as the one I lost which is great seeing as how I really enjoyed what I was doing. It has more sales associated with it however, which means total salary has the potential to be much higher. Right now the projected increase (including commission) for next year is almost a 30% increase over what I was making. God is good. He always goes bigger and better :)

Plus my first day of work will end with me being flown out to California for a week of meetings with over 200 other employees. How cool is that! Nothing like sunny Los Angeles in the middle of January!

I have to admit however that I am feeling unsure about saying yes. I wonder though if this has anything to do with the fact of having been let go from a job and now not sure what the right direction is exactly. I felt so sure about the last job. When I look at other areas of my life, I'm seeing that same hesitation about moving forward - is this a nudge from the Holy Spirit or is this my own fears surfacing? I'm not sure exactly.

Any thoughts on deciphering this?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's Been One Week...

Anyone remember that song that was about a break up? Well, it's been one week since my company broke up with me :)

I have to say that it has been a really busy week so far. I have filled out paperwork, updated my resume, gotten happy at several happy hours, taught Sunday School, made lunches for the homeless, hung out with friends, watched TV, waiting for a phone interview, cooked (but haven't cleaned yet), and have made dentist plans and lunch plans with friends.

So far life has been so busy, I don't know how I could have a job! I am really feeling good about life at the moment. I think that my short stint at the last company is a stepping stone for something bigger and better. One of my friends said to me just after the announcement, that I was ready to bounce now, but if I had stayed in my last job, I wouldn't have been ready to bounce. As I've been preparing for the next steps, I can see the tremendous amount of growth that occurred over the past four months and am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had. Perhaps my time there was indeed done and now the next steps will be far greater than what I had envisioned.

I can only praise God for these things since He has been incredibly faithful to me and when one thing has ended has only brought me into bigger and better than what just was. I praise Him.

As I said at one of the happy hours with former co-workers - My boss is a Jewish carpenter and the CEO of the biggest company in the world. Why should I fear the loss of a human boss when my spiritual boss will always keep me employed!


On Sunday night, I auditioned for my second musical. The first one was in high school and I had to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I barely knew the song and was so off key it was sad. Since then I have always wanted to be in a musical but haven't really had the courage to go for it.

Until now.

My church is launching it's new arts ministry with a major production of Godspell in the spring. I prepared a song "Day by Day" from the musical and gave it everything I had. We also had to learn a short piece of choreography and then perform it and perform a cold reading of the script. Then there was a group improv segment. The entire audition process took about four hours (with lots of waiting) but ultimately, I felt great about my audition. Even if I don't get a part, I want to be involved with the production in some way. I really would like a part though :)

I'll let you know what happens when I hear the news. Then of course you will all be invited to a show in the spring (weekend before Easter and weekend of Easter).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A "Reduction In Force"

Basically that is fancy talk for getting laid off, employment terminated, canned, kicked to the curb, shown the door, dismissed, "fired". That is what happened to me and 100 other fellow employees yesterday. Some of them I have never met. Some are good friends that I have enjoyed spending the bulk of my time in cubicle world with.

Some of my good friends were not lucky enough to be part of this distinguished group of 103. I wish them all the best. I hope they finish strong this year proving that they are not going to let something so completely out of the blue and devastating affect the jobs that they still have. I want to be proud of what they do next.

As for me, my first reaction was He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is in absolute control of my life, always has been and always will. I know without a doubt that I was supposed to take this job. I have a complete peace. It is a bit surreal at the moment, but it is a peace nonetheless.

More to come I'm sure. One upside to all of this is that I now have more time for blogging!

Monday, December 04, 2006

What's Your Average?

Over the past 30 years, I have lived in 20 different locations. This averages out to a new mailing address every 18 months. What's your average?