Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Florida Triathlon Pictures

So I don't have any clever title for this entry. Just got my pictures from my triathlon in Florida a couple weekends ago and these are the highlights. This was the first time my dad has been to a triathlon and seen me compete in one so it was really fun. He said he thought he could do one too :) Triathlon's are addicting and exciting!

This was in the transition area, first thing in the morning getting everything set up. I'm showing off my number. You get your number marked on both arms and front of your leg. Your age goes on your calf.

Heading into the ocean for the 1/4 mile swim. With Hurricane Bonnie off the coast, the waves were 2-5 feet. It was AWESOME! I'm on the left side in the black and red suit.

Running through the sand after the swim was tough. I'm headed back to the transition area to change and get ready for...

...the 11.1 mile bike ride.

I borrowed this bike from a friend of mine. It was just a little too big for me, so Dad and I hammered down the seat post until it was almost level with the top bar. It was also totally rusted and we had to tie on the water bottle cage. But it rolled so it was a blessing.

This is at the end of the 3.1 mile run. I turned the corner and am heading to the finish line.

Sprinting to the finish line. I remember in high school my basketball coach would always tell us to finish strong no matter what. So that's what I'm doing. Not the best picture - but hey I've been working hard for one hour and thirty-eight minutes :)

Crossing the finish line. I'm done!

Enjoying the post-race food. Yummy!


My cousin Lori and I in Montana last summer. We had so much fun together - me the thirty-one year old and her the thirteen year old.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun In The Sunshine State

This past weekend I headed south to Florida for a little R&R with my dad and stepmom. Dad picked me up at the airport on Wednesday night and we drove to Sarasota for a business meeting the next day. That meeting consisted of sailing on the above 43 foot catamaran for a couple of hours. I love my dad's job :)

Then we headed back home and I got ready for a triathlon on Saturday. My dad was able to come out and watch the race which was really fun for me to have him there. It was my first open water swim as well and took place in the ocean with 2-4 foot swells from Hurricane Bertha. It was so fun! I did end up losing my goggles though which was sad. But I finished the race and Dad was inspired to maybe do one himself. We'll see :) Dad took pictures and I'll post those once I get them.

Saturday night we had a barbecue at the house and I had invited lots of friends I hadn't seen in a several years. It was really fun to catch up with them and see all their kids and hear their stories. So great. Then on Sunday we went to church at my old church that I haven't been to in like six years. There was a rush of memories as soon as we walked in the door so that was a bit overwhelming. There were familiar faces although I've forgotten many names, but still it was great to worship there again. Even Dad was overwhelmed with memories especially ones of when Mom was alive standing in the hallway and in the service. It was a neat time.

Then I flew home back to DC and enjoyed sitting next to a really nice (and really good looking) guy on the plane. That never happens. I didn't get his name but it was a fun flight :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth Celebrations

Fourth of July found me doing lots of fun things for the weekend. On Friday, I hung out with my friend Renee most of the day then took in the fireworks near the Capitol building with a group of friends. Saturday I headed to Harper's Ferry, WV for some tubing. Awesome time! Sunday found me hanging with small children at Sunday School, lunch with my friends Jen and Clinton and wrapping up the weekend with "All Shook Up", a musical based around Elvis songs at a dinner theater in Maryland. All in all a good time.