Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Brain On Running

So last night, I went for a run in my neighborhood. I had a really great run heading down to the local park and then back home again. I started on the trail into the park and got just far enough in to realize that I probably shouldn't be running through there by myself at 8:00 at night, so I turned around.

On the way home, my right foot was hurting and I attributed it to not running in a while. Once the run was done, I was stretching and noticed the bottom of my right shoe was really worn out. I looked on my left one and it looked really new. I couldn't figure out why one shoe was so beat up and the other looked great especially since these were my "new shoes" (ie bought a year ago or more).

I stood up and looked down and realized that I had two different tennis shoes on. The one on my left was my newer shoe and the one on my right was four years old.

No wonder my foot was hurting.

For the record - this was the first time in my life I have ever done this. Let's hear it for the thirties!


Anonymous said...

The thirties?? You know you're 45!!! ;)


Cher said...

You crack me up.
What? Were they the same style, just one was newer than the rest?


Shelly said...

Love it Lisa!!!! Yet, another one of our similarities :)