Thursday, August 16, 2007

Picture Pages, Picture Pages

So I still don't have my Montana pics yet. But I'm tired of looking at all text, so here's a picture of me and my roommates in April I think celebrating my one roommates b-day at home. My friend Christy is also in the picture. Enjoy.

And here's another dancing picture of me. I'm way in the background. This was at my company's 10th anniversary party at Sequoia in Georgetown. Holla!


Anonymous said...

Do ya'll ever work, or just play where you are?
Oh yea, wherever you are, there the fun is, right? right?
Miss being around you!


Lisa said...

Cher - if I posted the everyday pictures, you would be so bored. I'll post a picture of me actually at work :) Maybe a whole week's worth of them. I promise that you are having more fun with your three girls than I am!

Cher said...

Lisa, we dance almost every day at work here. Hee. hee. You would fit right in...
Hey, your "Picture Pages" title brought back those memories of that song. Wasn't that a Bill Cosby thing when we were little?

Love ya,