Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun Activity-Revisited

Just cause I like this activity :)

1. Grab the nearest book
2. Turn to page 23.
3. Find the fifth line.
4. Write the next three lines here and post the directions.
5. Grab the nearest book only. Not the coolest book or the most interesting book, but the nearest one.

My book: Eat Wisely

Shop for single-serving portions of snacks, like mini bags of pretzels or chips; Weight Watchers bars, Smoothies and snacks are also ideal. When this is what you have on hand, you won't mindlessly eat more than you expected to. For times when big portions can't be helped, learn to recognize Hunger Signals (page 52).


StephenElliot said...

Maya 6: Character Rigging and Animation

"While placing joints, you can use the Middle Mouse Button to move the last joint that was placed. The Move Tool will move the selected joint and any joints below it in the hierarchy. The Move Pivot Tool (while in 'move mode' press the Insert key to toggle into this mode) will only move the selected joint."

Lisa said...

stephen - you need a new book next to you :)

kelly said...

Financial Tip #4: Stuff 101: The world say, "Buy more stuff." God says, "Stuff isn't important." Believe God.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a book...but Triathlete magazine:

"I will undergo a metamorphosis from medical student to an Ironman in Louisville this August, and I hope to see everyone there! Drafting sucks, period. No point can be made in favor of it in triathlon."


Anonymous said...

HP DeskJet 630C--Series Printer (we were having issues today, that's why it's out!)
"1,000 pages per month maximum
Resume button and light"

All are enlightened, I trust!