Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Falling Off The Wagon

So after I posted yesterday, one of my friends was kind enough to remind me that currently I have "fallen off the Weight Watchers Wagon." And yes, she was right. I did take a hiatus of sorts for a couple of days.

Her comment caused me to think a little deeper about putting such personal goals on a public blog such as this one and opening myself up to criticism and a tarnished reputation if I fail.

However, I thought that in the end this is a place for me to post successes and failures and to allow others to see my mistakes and my triumphs. Yesterday's post on my plan for discipline is one that is stretching me to explore areas of my life where I have been lax. To open up areas of my life to a greater control of the Holy Spirit and to allow Him to work in me and clean me up.

I will fail. I will fall. I will bruise myself. I will end up with bloody knees on this road. But I will continue to set lofty goals, I will continue to challenge myself, and I will continue to let you see me in my weak moments and my strong ones. Perhaps so you can be challenged to do the same thing in your life. And perhaps so that we can know that we are not alone on this journey. That there is indeed nothing new under the sun.


Anonymous said...

for someone who hates "christian rhetoric"...there was a little in there... ;)

Shelly said...

Posting on here can help keep you accountable. When I started I told everyone I knew, thinking it would make me keep on going. But the awesome thing about WW is you can pick yourself up where you fall. Be it the next meal or day or even week! Believe me, I have done the a few times :) It is a lifestyle not a diet! Part of life is living a little :)

Lisa said...
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Cher said...


That's one more thing I love about you...you are so "real"...
There is so much I can/do/need to learn from you!
No one but Christ ever walked the earth perfectly.

You keep, keepin' on...
Love ya,