Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Still Waiting For Valentine's Day

I know, it's the day after V-Day, but my dad sent me flowers to work and when I showed up today (since I stayed home yesterday due to the ice and snow), they weren't here. So I'm waiting for them to show up and cheer me up in my drab and almost colorless office space.

The walls are grey and I have put up a very colorful map of the U.S. and a calendar with pictures of animals made from fruit and vegetables (see above picture). I love the artist Saxton Freymann. Here's a link to some of his work. You can also order books online.
Anyway, that's it for color in my office. I also have a very colorful world map I want to put up, but I don't have anywhere for it to go. But I shall smile anyway!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Saxton Freymann has illustrated many things for eeBoo toys

He did a world map that is truly incredible. I have it on my wall.