Friday, February 23, 2007

Car Mechanic 101

Last week, my car battery died since my car was stuck in the ice for so many days. This week, my roommate Anne did some reconaissance for me and found a battery at a store nearby.

Today I went and bought the battery and then with some advice from my dad via cell phone (he lives in Florida), I took out the old battery and installed the new one. So fun and sort of fast. It was also really cold outside, so I had to keep taking breaks inside to thaw out.

First time I've changed a battery. My dad felt bad he couldn't be here to help me. I told him it was good Foreign Service Officer training.

What's the best do-it-yourself car repair story you have?


Dave, Ami and Hadleigh Claire said...

Impressive. My most impressive car action was changing a flat tire on a friend's the rain. We made it home, so it all worked out...but a battery, that is WAY out of my league!

Lisa said...

I think a flat tire is a pretty impressive deed. A battery seems easy - it's just unscrew everything, take out battery, put in battery, screw everything together.

The only possibility of death comes from the car hood slamming down and decapitating you as you are bent over the insides of your car or getting slightly shocked. But really it was easy. I know you could do it if you had to.

Hyla said...

I'm stealing this one from my former roommate. In college, my roomie had this crapper of a car and her boyfriend came to visit her one weekend. Well, when they came out of church, the car was "sick". To make a long story short, when she came home she had dirt and grease all over her arms and hands... They spent the afternoon changing the alternator!! That is way WAY over my head!