Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Frustrations

This morning I was headed out of the house dragging a suitcase behind me with a sleeping bag attached. My roommate was in front of me and was going to drive me to the Metro. I made a comment about how annoying this was (I'm not even sure what I was referring to) and she said that I've been saying things like that a lot lately.

I said thank you for letting me know. And I didn't mean it in a cynical or mean way. I really did appreciate the fact that she was pointing out to me that I apparently have been complaining a lot lately. And I really have nothing to complain about.

It's been almost 96 hours since I found out I passed the Oral Exam and I guess it has changed my entire perspective on things. I'm not enjoying so many things nearly as much, I guess because I have this whole new and exciting potential future ahead of me.

But that's exactly what it is...a POTENTIAL future. It's completely in the Lord's hands now. I have done everything I can do (except qualify for language bonus points which I will attempt to work on this summer). Beyond that, it's up to Him.

So I'm frustrated about a lot of things. But I'm also grateful that God is there looking out for me.


Consul-At-Arms said...

Treasure the present. Enjoy those utterly normal domestic U.S. experiences because they'll become very nostalgic memories all too soon.

Cher said...

So... how could you leave us hanging. =) Where were you headed with a suitcase and sleeping bag...or is that top secret? Hee. Hee.