Tuesday, February 26, 2008

October 12, 2008 is D-Day

That's the day that I expire off the Foreign Service list. I have begun studying to take the test again in July, but wow I would LOVE to get hired before I expire off. However, persistence is what is needed for the Foreign Service. Today I received my most recent ranking - 50 out of 70. Seems like a low number, but they usually only hire about 12-15 people each time. I have two more chances. However, this past hiring cycle they did get into the low 20's. Here's hoping that somehow I will squeeze in just barely.

Your prayers are much appreciated both for the next testing cycle and for the hiring.

I'm freaking out for some reason today with excitement over this. I guess two years into the process and I'm still excited means that there is something in this that I want and desire to do.

Today I was in the Brazilian Embassy getting my visas for my upcoming trip in April. I was looking at the people behind the counter and thinking that they are doing what I hope to be doing someday. I think I would really like it. Talking with people, helping them, doing admin stuff as well. All good stuff - not for everyone, but I would like it.

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