Sunday, May 27, 2007

Surf -n- Sand And I'm Getting Old

Yesterday I headed to the beach with my roommate Anne and friend Christy. We got up at crack of dawn and headed to Rehobeth. The drive was quick, parking was found easily and our towels were laid on the sand with an umbrella and chairs set up by 10:30am. It was a wonderful day.

I had my SPF 45, a floppy brim straw hat that Christy said was an old lady hat and Anne said was Coco Chanel at the beach, my iPod, and fancy black bathing suit. The day was gorgeous. We laid around, talked, didn't talk, trolled the boardwalk for lunch, went swimming and had an all around fantastic day. Even with my SPF 45 liberally applied, I managed to get some great color. I'm all about enjoying the sun without sacrificing my future health :)

We left the beach around 5:30pm after taking those really fun crowd-in-a-booth-draw-the-curtain-and-make-funny-faces pictures. They are really funny and as soon as I can scan them in, I'll post them.

We hit the outlet malls on the way out of town and ended up having a yummy dinner at a restaurant near the Kent Narrows bridge. I had a delicious lobster - sooooooo good.

Finally got home around midnight and crashed. Tired but very happy.

This morning I woke up crazy early to teach Sunday school and once I got home from church, I have been sooooo tired. Man, when I was younger, I could go all day to the beach, have a late night, early morning and hit it again. Now I need to get my rest together so that I can party again tomorrow!

Happy Memorial Day!


Christy said...

That was DEFINATELY one of my all-time favorite days EVER!!! So much fun! So glad you came with!! And I don't care what Anne said--the hat was old lady! ;)

Lisa said...

All Coco Chanel baby, all Coco Chanel :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like tooo much fun!! I would LOVE a day like that...