Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Love Rodents

I love rodents. I always have and I think I always will. Some people find them really gross. I think they are really cute. I had hamsters growing up and I'm always excited when I see a mouse running around the train tracks in the metro, or a rat scooting across a road at night downtown. I'm not a fan of the diseases they bring, but I just think they are cute. Really cute.

This is a picture of the world's largest rodent - the capybara. They are found in South America near rivers. I saw one live and in person when I was 11 at a petting zoo in Washington, DC. My best friend Alana and I wore matching shirts to the event.


Anonymous said...

I totally remember that day! And you got to be on the news too...lucky!


kiltsandthistles said...

You by and large the most interesting friend I have :-).

Anonymous said...

You are such a freak show. I love it.