Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunburnt, exhausted, refreshed

I'm heading home from Montana tonight. It has been a great trip and I have lots of pictures and stories to share. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes about the new job. All the new people I met out here were really impressed to hear about where I was working. It was fun saying "I accepted a job at the Discovery Channel" and hearing how excited everyone was. Several people told me about the programs they had just seen on TV or listened to on the radio and how they really liked that channel. I even met a teacher from Florida who uses the products that I'll be training others on! She loves it and gave me suggestions for improvement and comments on what she really likes about it. Do you think I can bill the hour I talked with her about it? Haven't signed the paperwork officially yet and already on the job :)

So I'll post more later. I've got to pack up my stuff and head out to a final lunch with the newlyweds. Write to you from the big city!

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Cher said...

Hi, Lisa, congrads on the big D-Channel job. Sounds VERY exciting!!!

I'm actually a blogger now (since I just have so much free time!) You'll have to stop over sometime. I'll email you...

Love, Cher