Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Frustration with lists

I've noticed lately that as I drive home or ride the metro to work or walk the dog or do any number of things that I'm always thinking of my list of things that need to get done. These are all good and fun things and activities and events that I want to get involved with. But I'm finding myself checking them off in my head or writing them on an imaginary list in an effort to accomplish them and move on to the next task.

I need to stop and realize that they are part of life. They are good things and I don't need to check them off to enjoy the life that I am living with them. I have several Bible study groups that I'm part of this summer as well as kids ministry on Sunday and other fun events. Instead of enjoying them and thinking of them as life, I'm thinking of them as items on a list that need to be checked off in order to get to the life part of living. Life is now, not in the future, but now. I'm not sure how to quit this line of thinking. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

i know i'm guildty of doing exactly this! let me know when you figure out how to stop it, mkay?