Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Weekend

This is what my weekend consisted of:

Four movies in one day, a doggie bath and grooming session, cleaning a rusty grill and buying new parts at Home Depot for it in preparation for the summer grilling season, making waffles, fruit salad, and cappucinos for my roommate, going to a barbecue, spending Sunday morning helping kids blow bubbles in water and glue fishies onto construction paper, listening to a great church sermon by one cool Pastor Dave, going to a belly dancing recital at a Moroccan restaurant, feeling nauseous - maybe allergy related or sugar related.

Overall, a pretty good weekend. How was yours?

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thoughtpolice said...

Hi, I found your blog from the FSWE yahoo group. If you have some interesting posts, I was wondering if you could ever post something about life as an FSO and thoughts about how it is now that you've been in the service for a while. I recently just passed the FSOT and am anxious to learn more about the FS from people already in it. I also wondering what kind of profile you had and how that may have effected your eligibility.