Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dirty Domestic Duties

(Can you tell I'm obsessed with the letter D today?)

Last night I cleaned our grill. Can you say GROSS? I don't know how many years that grill has been part of the family, but I know that there have been many, many people using it and it is disgusting. I must have scraped off at least two pounds (or more) of baked on grease, then I degreased it three times and still had to be satisfied with a thin film of grease left inside. So disgusting, but so much cleaner now. I also replaced the rusted out burner with a new one and installed new ceramic briquets and a new drip vaporizer. The grill looks great and is ready for the Sunday Night BBQ's to begin.

Today (or tomorrow) I will be giving Paddington a hair cut. I ordered new blades for the clipper and will begin the long (at least an hour or more) and difficult process of removing tons of hair. I think I might try and weigh how much hair I remove. It really is spectacular. I'm cutting off at least six inches of hair from him. He looks like a completely different dog when I'm done. I'll try and post before and after pictures.

I also have to go on poop patrol in the yard. How fun!

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