Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Less Than Two Months And Counting

In case anyone is still reading this, I have found out where I will be spending the next two years...The Democratic Republic of Congo. Yep - that would be the Heart of Darkness aka Zaire aka the middle of Africa. And if all goes well next Friday during my French exam I'll be leaving the first week of October - just around the corner. Once I get settled in, I'll be sure to update this blog, until then, thanks for waiting.


Tararista said...

Hi Lisa! I imagine that you're reading this in the DRC, hopefully comfortable in your apartment and feeling excited and confident about your choice to be there and do the difficult work you'll be doing. I think I read nearly every posting in your blog tonight! Although I've learned a lot about you in the process, I have a feeling that this journey will be especially sweet for you to revisit and remember throughout the years. I laughed out loud at your description of the night you were chasing bedbugs with your head lantern! And I really felt for you when you described how difficult Christmas has been for you over the years. Hopefully, being in a new, completely new environment/culture this year will fill up some of that "space". And if you go to a potluck for Thanksgiving, I recommend making a big Greek salad to share. Peace out for now.

Ian said...

Lisa! Update this :) I want to follow your new life! -Ian