Monday, February 02, 2009


The absence on this blog can be explained by several things - the primary being I have started my new job. As a result, I don't have quite the time I used to have to update this thing, so I will probably take a break. Those of you who do know me and are interested in staying updated, I encourage you to email me and I will let you know what's happening. I may reinitiate this blog, but for at least the next couple weeks, I won't be on here.



Kami Rice said...

So I've just read your blog and am a little caught up now! So great to read all your news, especially knowing some of what a journey it's been for you to get the foreign service officer job. So great! Too bad I wasn't in Nashville when you were here over Thanksgiving! If you make another trip here before you head off to your new post, PLEASE look me up!

tara said...

Hi Lisa, I can believe how busy you are these days. We'll catch up another way.