Thursday, October 02, 2008

Update Part Deux

So a friend reminded me that I had failed to live up to my promise of posting an update the following day. I'm sorry and so here's an update: I am moving! I have decided to move from suburbia (which has been awesome) down to the city of DC. I'm excited about the chance to live in the middle of the action and save time and money from commuting to do other fun stuff like take dance classes and hang out more with people I want to get to know better. I move the end of October into a house with 4 other girls. I'm also going to be 10 blocks from work which is so exciting. I can walk or bike to work everyday. Woohoo!

The other funny thing about moving the end of the month is that I'm going on vacation Nov. 1-6. So far the past two moves I have made have occurred right before going on vacation. When I moved from DC to Southern MD in 2004, I moved in the weekend I left for Europe for 3 weeks. When I moved from Southern MD to where I live now, I left for a missions trip to Ethiopia the next day. Now I'm moving into a new place the day before I head out to the Grand Canyon for a week of hiking and camping and seeing Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. I'm so excited about the vacation part and of coming back to lots of boxes and a new home.

I'll post pictures of the new place when I get them done.

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