Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What A Weigh-In

The past week and a half to two weeks have been really sporadic with my Weight Watchers routine. This past weekend I was in NY for a wedding and the car ride there and back was filled with lots of yummy food (not necessarily good, but yummy). So I was not expecting good things to come out of this weigh in. And the results were not promising.

I gained the two pounds I had lost last week.

But I can't look at this as doing bad, or needing to get back on track again. Rather I need to look at this as let's keep going. Make the choices I know are better because in the long run, I will be happier than the immediate fix I get from that extra helping of spring rolls or the fries on the side please with my sandwich.

Of course all of this is making me wonder what my motivation for eating is. I have noticed that since being on Weight Watchers, I have been eating more sweets than I normally do. I think this is because I have figured that I can eat really yummy sweets that are low in points and not deprive myself. But I realize that I need to not substitute the sweet things for the good delicious food because that is what I'm depriving myself of. I like good food. But I have spent too much time focusing on the sweet things so I don't feel deprived that I'm missing out on good food that will satisfy me and not make me feel deprived.

I have also realized that I don't have a weight problem and so in some ways it is hard for me to look back and say "I don't want to get like that again." I need to have the motivation of looking and feeling better in pictures and clothes as my reminder of why I am doing this. In addition, this is all about the discipline.

It has been hard the past couple weeks though for several reasons. I'm trying to be disciplined in my spending as well, so I feel like I'm being strict in many different areas and I guess I'm using the food area as an out. I have been tired a lot lately and that makes it harder for me to keep my guard up. I have been traveling which always gets me out of my routine. So there are reasons, but I'm not beating myself up. Rather, I the next opportunity I have to make a decision, I hope to make the right one. And have a really good weigh in report next week.

Starting Weight: 153.8
Current Weight: 149.8
Total Loss: 4.0

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