Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

This week was much better than last week. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but the scale doesn't lie and I'm certainly not going to call it one :)

This week I lost 1.2 pounds. So that was exciting.

Starting Weight: 153.8
Current Weight: 147.8
Total Weight loss: 6
Goal Weight: 138

I haven't been counting as strictly as I probably should, but I have been doing a couple of things differently. I have almost completely eliminated snacking, but when I have, in my mind it is part of my daily food intake. Like a meal almost, so I don't treat it casually.

I have also been drinking a lot more water and trying to include a lot more vegetables into my diet since they are zero points and don't count against me.

The only other major change that I think has really helped me so far has been eating lots of frozen meals for lunch and dinner. I just haven't had the time to cook and I usually get home around 7:30 or 8:00pm every night. Plus food seems to go bad in my fridge. In addition, I have been trying to save money during the week and not eat lunch out as often. Bringing a frozen meal has been helpful, but I try to balance it out with a fresh side salad with the frozen entree. I'm hoping that once I figure out a more effective working schedule (get to bed earlier, up earlier, to work earlier, leave earlier, cook dinner), I will continue with this track of frozen food.

Anyway, I am excited to be eating smaller portions and regaining some of the control over food that I had lost.


Anonymous said...

woohoo!! congrats on passing the 5lb mark!! i will totally help you stay accountable this weekend if you'll do the same for me, m'kay?


Dave, Ami and Hadleigh Claire said...

Wow, I am impressed. Give me another 4 weeks to get this baby out and I will be right with you.