Thursday, September 06, 2007

Becoming An Adult

When I came back from Montana last month, I was struck by a huge desire to grow up in some areas of my life. The first thing that has been on the top of my list is to have an adult bedroom! That sounds odd, but I have been living like a coed in a dorm for a while now and I figured it was time to get rid of the free furniture and hand me down items and redo my room.

So two weekends ago, I went shopping at IKEA (the grown up college dorm room look), and bought a new dresser, bookshelf/decorative wall unit, floating shelves for the wall, two lamps, new duvet cover. I'm still looking for a bookshelf style headboard. All the pieces match and this week I bought paint and have repainted my room. It looks awesome. I'm not quite done yet, but when I am, I'll post some pictures.

I'm very excited about being more grown up - at least in the room where I live :)


Anonymous said...

way to go! real furniture (even ikea) feels so nice. these are the same reasons i think i'm going to go and get a real hair cut, so i don't look and feel like a fresh-out-of-college schlub. but its so not going to be a "mom" hair cut :)


Dave, Ami and Hadleigh Claire said...

You beat me to it. One day I might have matching furniture...I am impressed that you have made the commitment to adulthood.

Anonymous said...

Your room is GORGEOUS!!! At least the color...since I haven't seen it all together yet! But I can't wait to!!! So proud of you...dresser, shelves, non-patched walls...our little girl is growing up.... ;)


Cher said...

How exciting! I LOVE it! Your own makeover. I just painted several rooms in my house too! I've never done that before...(haven't really had the opportunity!)...

I like your new look,