Monday, March 26, 2007

In Memory

A month ago today, I had to put my dear sweet dog Paddington to sleep. There were many reasons surrounding this very difficult decision and since then I haven't had the time to write about it. I will post a more signifacant entry when I have more time.

But today, I wanted to say that I miss my little fur baby. I had him for almost 14 years so he was a big part of my life. I definately recognize that he is missing and my every day life just isn't as full of life with him gone.

So here's to you, my little man. I loved you unconditionally and know that you loved me back the same. I miss you and wish I could still squish your little face and kiss your sweet head. Here's to the years we spent together.

Love your mama.


kiltsandthistles said...

Ahhh this post makes me want to cry. I know a cat's not the same, but you can stop by my place anytime and pet my baby Fia. She sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat. Just ask Hyla. :-) Luv you!

Cher said...

Lisa, I'm so sorry about Paddington...=( He had the best dog life any dog could have had with you as his best friend.
Love, Cher