Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is the big 31. It started off with an early "pow" with breakfast with the roomies and my friend Christy and a really cool retro 80's birthday balloon. Reminds me of Wonder Woman. Thanks to the peeps for getting up so early to start the day with me.

Cupcake making last night with my friend Jessica, a cool e-card from my friend Monika all the way in Norway (who I celebrated my 18th b-day with a long time ago), and a Happy B-day IM with my friend Josh. Plus a fun song from my dad. It's shaping up to be another fantastic year!


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd love that balloon. Did your flowers survive the metro? Happy birthday!!!


Papillon said...

Hi there-- glad I stopped by today. Happy Birthday... and break a leg!


Hyla said...

Happy birthday a day late!! This sounds like an occasion for cupkies!!

Consul-At-Arms said...

Happy Birthday!

Remember: the thirties are just the twenties in extra innings.