Monday, December 25, 2006

Two Weeks Plus One Day

So two weeks plus one day after I was laid off, I received a job offer for another company. I think that must be some kind of record. A huge thank you and shout out and props to my friend who submitted my resume at her place of employment. My job is about the same as the one I lost which is great seeing as how I really enjoyed what I was doing. It has more sales associated with it however, which means total salary has the potential to be much higher. Right now the projected increase (including commission) for next year is almost a 30% increase over what I was making. God is good. He always goes bigger and better :)

Plus my first day of work will end with me being flown out to California for a week of meetings with over 200 other employees. How cool is that! Nothing like sunny Los Angeles in the middle of January!

I have to admit however that I am feeling unsure about saying yes. I wonder though if this has anything to do with the fact of having been let go from a job and now not sure what the right direction is exactly. I felt so sure about the last job. When I look at other areas of my life, I'm seeing that same hesitation about moving forward - is this a nudge from the Holy Spirit or is this my own fears surfacing? I'm not sure exactly.

Any thoughts on deciphering this?

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