Wednesday, December 13, 2006


On Sunday night, I auditioned for my second musical. The first one was in high school and I had to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I barely knew the song and was so off key it was sad. Since then I have always wanted to be in a musical but haven't really had the courage to go for it.

Until now.

My church is launching it's new arts ministry with a major production of Godspell in the spring. I prepared a song "Day by Day" from the musical and gave it everything I had. We also had to learn a short piece of choreography and then perform it and perform a cold reading of the script. Then there was a group improv segment. The entire audition process took about four hours (with lots of waiting) but ultimately, I felt great about my audition. Even if I don't get a part, I want to be involved with the production in some way. I really would like a part though :)

I'll let you know what happens when I hear the news. Then of course you will all be invited to a show in the spring (weekend before Easter and weekend of Easter).


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! No Such thing as luck....good...wishes!!! Hoping to see you sing and dance! :)

Anonymous said...

While I would really like to see you sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow off key, I am excited about your possible star turn in Godspell. Do they need someone to play the part of a tree? Ben