Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our lifetimes were made for these years

On my 12 hour drive back from Florida yesterday, I spent the time listening to all the old tapes I found hidden in my car. One of them was from an ex-boyfriend who made a praise and worship tape for me (of him singing and playing - so thoughtful). Anyway, one of the songs he was singing had the phrase "our lifetimes were made for these years". It really struck me and I just thanked God that my lifetime during these years was indeed intentional. I was not supposed to be born or to live my life during any other time than right now. What motivation to discover what my purpose is then. This is not a lifetime (or years) to waste!

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Christy said...

Tapes. Wow. Who knew those still existed! :) I loved that song....I recognize that phrase. Isn't that cool??? You are right where you're suppossed to be...and I'm so glad to be there with you!