Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

So I'm in Florida for Christmas. I drove down on Thursday with my dog Paddington in the the back seat. The entire trip took about 12 hours which wasn't too bad and I had a good time pulling out random tapes (yes tapes) and listening to them. So much fun. Today my dad and I went for a long walk on the beach and on the way to and fro we had to climb through some jungle and sand dunes. I made up the following hook for a song to remember the time by.

This ain't no honky tonk parade of memories
Sand in my pocket, dirt on my shoe, scratch on my arm
All from spending time with you.

I also had the easiest time of Christmas shopping ever. All of three hours yesterday with my friend Teri and I got all the gifts I needed. In fact I didn't even think about Christmas shopping until Monday of this week. Should be a fun Christmas though. My dad and stepmom got back on Wednesday from 3 1/2 weeks in Thailand and other Asian countries. So our Christmas tree is a ficus tree covered in huge red bows, one strand of multicolored lights and about three ornaments hanging from it. I'll take a picture and be sure to post it. I advocated spraying it with pine sol so we could at least have a Christmasy smelling house :)

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Tim Elzea said...

Hey there,
I stop in every so often, so I thought I would give you a shout it this time. :) I hope you had a great Christmas.

See you around when you get back!!