Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun In The Sunshine State

This past weekend I headed south to Florida for a little R&R with my dad and stepmom. Dad picked me up at the airport on Wednesday night and we drove to Sarasota for a business meeting the next day. That meeting consisted of sailing on the above 43 foot catamaran for a couple of hours. I love my dad's job :)

Then we headed back home and I got ready for a triathlon on Saturday. My dad was able to come out and watch the race which was really fun for me to have him there. It was my first open water swim as well and took place in the ocean with 2-4 foot swells from Hurricane Bertha. It was so fun! I did end up losing my goggles though which was sad. But I finished the race and Dad was inspired to maybe do one himself. We'll see :) Dad took pictures and I'll post those once I get them.

Saturday night we had a barbecue at the house and I had invited lots of friends I hadn't seen in a several years. It was really fun to catch up with them and see all their kids and hear their stories. So great. Then on Sunday we went to church at my old church that I haven't been to in like six years. There was a rush of memories as soon as we walked in the door so that was a bit overwhelming. There were familiar faces although I've forgotten many names, but still it was great to worship there again. Even Dad was overwhelmed with memories especially ones of when Mom was alive standing in the hallway and in the service. It was a neat time.

Then I flew home back to DC and enjoyed sitting next to a really nice (and really good looking) guy on the plane. That never happens. I didn't get his name but it was a fun flight :)

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Alana said...

Wish I was in Sarasota to catch up with you! Congrats on the race! You inspire me gal...

Take care! Hugs! Alana