Monday, November 06, 2006

A Great Weekend

This past weekend I had two parties that I had been invited to and said I would attend. As they drew near, I was not at all interested in attending either of them. Not in the least. I was tired and didn't feel like getting dressed and dragging myself into the city to attend these two parties.

But I did. I made myself get dressed up, purchase appropriate gifts (one was a birthday party and the other a going away party) and head into town. Albeit two hours late to both parties, but I arrived in true DC style anyway.

And I had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the parties. On Friday night, I went out dancing at Cafe Citron for the birthday party and walked through my front door at 4am. On Saturday, I spent time talking to church friends I haven't seen in months and left that party around midnight.

I have cut myself off over the past few months from a lot of social activity. My excuses have been real and valid, but that's just what they have been. Excuses. I have had a new job consuming much of my energy. I have a dog who is getting old and sick and needs extra attention. I live far away from my church and most of my church friends.

I'm glad I made myself go out this weekend in spite of all my excuses. I got exercise, I reconnected, I took advantage of life in the city. I spent time in a new coffeeshop hanging out with my roommate.

Thanks to all of you who were part of my great weekend!

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