Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Old Crowd

This here is a picture of my former co-workers. This is at the end of a great party on my last day of work. They had a cake for me and everything. Again the coincidence thing this year. The party was almost exactly four years to the day from my last day at the American Lung Association in Florida. And here it is the ALA in DC and saying goodbye again. So interesting. One of the best parts was this gift from my friend Jennifer. She is so talented...and a thief since this slogan was dreamt up by one of the company's committees and never used. I have worn it with pride in my neighborhood with some hoochie mama shorts while walking my dog. Pretty funny.

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kelly said...

The silence is eerie...
Have you been eaten by a boa constrictor?
...Hmm, you never know what might happen at the Discovery network!