Friday, February 10, 2006

Mazagines Are Taking Over My Mailbox!

For the past two years, I have been using some of my frequent flyer miles from airlines that I infrequently fly for magazine subscriptions. I don't have to pay for any of these magazines and its a cool way to try out a new magazine without feeling really guilty. The problem is that I order at least five magazines at once which means they all arrive in my mailbox around the same time and I end up with piles of unread magazines laying around my room.

The one good thing that has come out of this is that I have discovered I don't like some magazines that I thought I would like.

For example: Shape is really annoying. Running, Bicycling, and Scuba are cool magazines but I'm not so addicted to any of those sports to read them cover to cover. The Economist which I got to improve my economic skills and work on the left side of my brain is mind-numbingly BORING.

I'm neutral on Travel & Leisure - I don't have enough money to go to any of the places they talk about, but someday...

I have found through this experiment a couple of magazines that I really like. They are in no particular order and you may have heard of them - if not, check 'em out. I read these magazines COVER TO COVER (including most of the ads and letters to the editor). The funny thing is that I'm not interested in technology, business or politics which these top four all cover. That's a good magazine.

- for the creative geek/nerd. Love this magazine even if I don't understand some of the super technical stuff. Overall totally engaging

Fast Company
- again the creative approach to business really keeps me interested

Fortune - I'm just getting into this one, but very cool way to keep my pulse on the stockmarket and business in general.

The Week - summarizes the past weeks news stories with excerpts from all kinds of news media which keeps the coverage pretty neutral because they capture all sides of an issue. Great bathroom magazine because the articles are all really short.

One I want to get a subscription to: Discipleship Journal


Tim Elzea said...

Try Relevant magazine:

Also, you might like Radiant Magazine:

Christy said...

YOU DO NOT GET BICYCLING DO YOU???? ARE YOU HOLDING OUT ON ME??? You know that anchovie hasn't shared one of her Tri mags with me in months!!!! And then, she didn't "technically" share...I more or less took it off the table before she got home....hehehehe...

I totally second that emotion on "The Week!" Fun stuff!

Lisa said...

I gotta admit that I have checked out Relevant magazine and do not like it for several reasons which I don't want to go into here. I haven't heard of Radiant Mag so I will check it out. Thanks Tim!

Christy girl - You can have all my bicycling mags that I have :) It will reduce my tower o' mags a little bit.