Monday, January 09, 2006

Tattoo Anyone?

Yesterday I watched four hours (or so) of Miami Ink on TLC. I know BIG waste of time, but very entertaining and it simply fueled my slow burning passion for a tattoo. I've thought about getting one off and on for years and finally decided on what I would get (if I ever get one). Below are two examples of what I would like. Anyway, in keeping with the theme of this blog I like the mariners compass because it speaks to my past, present and future. I've always loved the sea and sailing has been a big part of that. Plus I love to travel and have been many places and I still want to explore this big world that God has created. So the compass seems like a perfect choice.
I think this one has the cooler colors and little details, but the one below is simpler and would look better when shrunk to a smaller tattoo. I would like to combine elements of both of these. I think it would look really cool.


Christy said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I'LL TOTALLY GET ONE WITH YOU!!!! I have 2--ankle and shoulder...i want too get the one on my shoulder re done, and I want one on my foot! I like the second pic would make a cool tat!!!!

Lisa said...

I love it that you are so into this Christy girl. The second one would make a cool tat, but I LOVE the colors and curly cues on the first one. I'm sure a great artist could incorporate the two. Maybe for my birthday...Yikes. that scares me - a tattoo